Stone Paver Driveway Design and Installation

A long lasting, easy maintenance driveway that delivers stunning curb appeal

A driveway is one of the most visible elements of your home’s landscape giving it a unique curb appeal and that all important neighbor envy.

stone paver driveway contractor orlandoYour stone driveway design is an important first step where a professional touch can make it a winning project. The layout of your driveway should complement the flow of your homes natural lines and work with any elevation changes (slope) of your property. If you have stone or texture elements on your home or existing walkways these too need to be taken into consideration. Our experienced driveway designers at Prestige know how to take everything into account, ask you the right questions so we know exactly what you desire and then pull it all together into a working design and cost estimate for you to evaluate.

If we’re fortunate enough to work with you, you will enjoy a truly first class installation process.  Preparation for stone installation is where we ensure your drive will last for decades. We will take every measure to get it right and we will keep your property clean and safe while we’re doing it.  Prestige Landscaping includes the demolition AND removal of your existing driveway in our price!

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Thinking of walkways and patio’s for your backyard? Let us make sure all of your hardscape elements flow together for that dream home look. See our services below:

Are Stone Pavers Better Than Concrete for a Driveway?


interlocking paver durability

Pavers are built to withstand immense weight while concrete has the potential to be easily damaged and crack under pressure. This is because Pavers are designed to handle up to 8,000 PSI (per square inch), but concrete can only handle up to 4,000 PSI. This means pavers can better withstand use by heavy vehicles, large parties and possibly even a tree that falls unexpectedly. In addition, pavers are far denser than concrete which makes them much more difficult to crack.


interlocking paver options

Aesthetically, pavers allow for almost unlimited customization. Offered in a wide variety of stone types, colors, shapes, patterns and designs- your possibilities are endless. Concrete, on the other hand, provides no customization options outside of choosing the shape in which the concrete will be laid.


interlocking paver circle

Pavers are built to last a lifetime, are easy to repair if ever needed and you never have worry about ‘re-doing’ your paver driveway every 10-15 years as with concrete. In the long run, pavers are made to last.

Beautiful and Affordable Stone Paver Options

stone paver walkway contractor orlando

Walkway Pavers

Adding paving stone walkways to your front landscape is a surefire way to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its overall value quickly and affordably.

stone paver pool deck orlando

Pool Deck Pavers

Pool deck pavers will transform your pool area into a stylish and functional spa-like getaway. Pavers also deliver a natural no slip surface and are easy to clean.

stone paver patio contractor orlando

Patio Stone Pavers

A patio made from our interlocking paving stones offer limitless design, color and texture options, they are easy to clean and maintain.

stone paver driveway contractor orlando

Driveway Stone Pavers

Our high-quality driveway pavers not only look great, but are also designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear of cars, trucks, RVs, motor homes, and more.

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